Where do you keep your yoga mat? Is it still on the floor from your last yoga session? Or leaning against the wall about to fall down again?
This can make your yoga space look cluttered and messy! This is why we came up with our yoga mat holders!
Organize your yoga space and give your mat a home so that you can clear your space and mind and get back to your yoga practice!

About Us –

We are a couple of gingers who are engaged to be married and working to build a life we love by doing what we love.

Our names are Wendy (The Yogi) and Bill (The Wood Worker).  When we met, Wendy needed a place to store her yoga mat in her small Philadelphia apartment.  And I was running an Etsy shop where I made custom engraved beer flights.  Together, we realized that there was a need for custom engraved yoga mat holders.

We started selling them on Etsy and they became a huge hit!  We started making new designs and having a blast making them! These mat holders fit in perfectly with our love for minimalist spaces. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind and who wants to have a cluttered yoga space?

So we’re here to give your yoga mat a home and keep your yoga space clean and clutter free.

You can also check out our other custom woodwork decor at ReillyCreation.com 

Our Products-

  • Yoga Mat Holders
  • Meditation Altars
  • Macramé
  • Planters for Succulents 
  • Reach out for something Custom!

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